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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 8

Caught in the Act! Kyoko and Mitaka, Hot and Heavy!

After his run in with Asuna's dogs, Mitaka has been staying in bed for the past few days feeling ill. Most of all he regrets hugging Asuna since now she's more attached to him than ever. He calls Kyoko and feeling sorry for him she goes to pay him a visit. Godai's been feeling worried about her seemingly growing relationship with Mitaka. So much so that when he sees Kyoko going out he follows her right to Mitaka's apartment. He hesitates to follow her inside but meets Asuna who had come to see Mitaka. Her dog Salad-chan seems to have followed Kyoko inside, so Godai goes with her to find the dog. In Mitaka's apartment Kyoko tries to avoid Mitaka but he confronts her. He gets close to her when Salad-chan climbs on him. Mitaka faints at the sight of the dog and falls right no top of Kyoko. Right then Asuna hears Salad-chan react and opens Mitaka's door. Godai and Asuna see what appears to be Kyoko and Mitaka embracing. Godai and Asuna are shocked and hurt. They both turn away quietly leav

May. 27, 1987