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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 2

Bare-Faced Attack! Operation Seduction

Even in the middle of a lesson, Yagami is trying her best to corner Godai and get him to reveal his feelings towards Kyoko. His supervisor Kamiogi-sensei is wise to the situation and warns Godai not take Yagami's advances seriously. Godai of course has no intention to reciprocate. Under the guise of discussing the distribution of clean-up duties, Yagami gets Godai alone and tries to kiss him. She's almost caught, so instead Yagami gives Godai a journal supposedly outlining the classroom duties. On the way home he runs into Kozue who sets his mind at ease that these high school crushes are usually just a phase. When he gets back to Ikkoku-kan Kyoko nonchalantly brings up the subject of Yagami, but Godai gets defensive, which kind of stuns Kyoko. In his room he settles in and opens the notebook Yagami handed him. Inside the words ""suki desu"" (I love you) are written on every page. Of course Yotsuya, Ichinose and Akemi all find out and tease him about it. The three of them later set up a

Apr. 15, 1987