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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 1

High-School Girl Power! A War Against Kyoko's Love

This episode marks the first appearance of Ibuki Yagami. As a college co-op, Godai has entered a student teacher's program. For the next two weeks he'll be teaching at an all-girls high school which he discovers is the very same school that Kyoko attended and where she met her husband Soichiro. Godai has a rough start since he's so weak-willed that he has difficulty controlling the students. The class representative Yagami helps him out, but comes to think of him as just another wimp. During a break, Godai gets an idea to find the old yearbooks to finally discover what Soichiro looked like, but of course he has no luck. Yagami spies on him and in typical schoolgirl fashion, she romanticizes the situation and comes to believe that he's suffering over the death of an old girlfriend that attended this school. Now she's suddenly developed a crush on Godai. At the end of the day she paints her hand and slaps Godai on the back, imprinting a red heart on his shirt (an old schoolgirl prank). T

Apr. 08, 1987