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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 7

Be Still, My Beating Heart! Asuna Kujo's Very First Time

Kyoko's fated meeting with Mitaka never happened. Kyoko thinks it was her fault for falling asleep. Mitaka thinks it was his fault since his dog phobia kept him from showing up. She feels guilty about Mitaka, but also is still mad with Godai. Ichinose finds out that she was supposed to decide whether to accept his marriage proposal and this news reaches Godai who now fully realizes the magnitude of his selfishness. At Mitaka's apartment his uncle is visiting and still persists in hounding Mitaka about the marriage to Asuna. Mitaka decides to reveal his dog phobia to his uncle to get him off his back, but his uncle thinks he's just making excuses. At the daycare Godai is wondering how to apologize to Kyoko since he she doesn't seem to be speaking to him. He gets a voice tape from a little girl named Kyoko who's got a crush on him asking him innocently to marry him. He gets an idea to do the same thing. Kyoko and Mitaka make up, but she finds out that the omiai is still going on with Asu

May. 20, 1987