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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 6

Godai or Mitaka? A Woman's Heart is on the Line

Kyoko has three days left to decide whether she'll accept Mitaka's marriage proposal. Mitaka continues to remind her, but still gives her some distance. Asuna shows up and once tries to tell Kyoko not to go out with Mitaka anymore, but she's too reserved to say it. The following morning, as Godai is leaving early for work, Kyoko stops him and tells him to come home early. Godai agrees and heads off. Kyoko goes shopping to get food for their dinner later. On the way back she meets Asuna and her dogs yet another time, but Asuna still just chats about dogs. That evening Godai gets off work and is going to head home, but Sakamoto finds him and reminds him that they're supposed to be going to a mandatory class party that Godai can't afford to miss. Godai never gets the opportunity to cut out early. As for Kyoko she waits at home with a big meal and a bottle of wine for Godai, but he never shows up. The other tenants come to keep her company (and eat the dinner) and she finds out where Godai

May. 13, 1987