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Maison Ikkoku Season 3 Episode 4

Yagami is Determined: I Won't Give Up My First Love

Yagami and Godai leave for school together, and arrive arm in arm, much to Godai's chagrin. The other students begin to quiz her on the previous night's activities, asking if she and Godai really slept together. But its actually Godai's last day of student teaching, and his nightmare is almost over. Yagami becomes flustered when she walks into her classroom to find a message for her and Godai on the blackboard. The constant teasing by her classmates is more than she can take, and so, while delivering the student evaluations to Godai, she tells him that she is over him. Meanwhile at the tennis club, Mitaka asks Mrs. Ichinose about Yagami and gets all the latest gossip about how angry Kyoko is with the whole situation. Suddenly, Mitaka's Uncle pulls up and begins telling him about a woman that he wants Mitaka to meet. Shun tries to quiet him down until they can have a bit more privacy, but at the nearby coffee shop, when his Uncle makes the offer again and Kyoko doesn't react, Mitaka dec

Apr. 29, 1987