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Maison Ikkoku Season 2 Episode 25

Even Yotsuya's Shocked! The Day Maison Ikkoku Disappears

Kyoko frantically decides to try and get in touch with her father-in-law, the owner of Maison Ikkoku. Instead, the get Ikuko, who tells her that he's in Hong Kong on a business trip for a few days. So they still have no answers about the rumor of Maison Ikkoku's destruction. Kyoko worries that Mitsukoshi will be affected the worst, and tells him so, but he feels sorry for the rest of the tenants who have lived there for so long. The group decides to track these rumors to the source, and get to the bottom of this. Akemi asks Master where he heard it from, and he said various customers told him. When Kyoko arrives, she tells them she got in touch with the Public Works, and found out that a similar building to Maison Ikkoku is going to be torn down, and that that must be where the confusion started. Yotsuya enters and discounts her theory, stating that his ""co-workers"" all told him that they were sure it was Maison Ikkoku that was scheduled for demolition. Godai goes in search of Coach Mi

Mar. 18, 1987