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Maison Ikkoku Season 2 Episode 24

Kyoko in Love at First Sight?! A Strange Man Moves into Maison Ikkoku

As Kyoko returns home from walking Soichiro, the phone begins to ring. She rushes inside to answer it and learns that a new tenant will be arriving the next day. But when she asks for details, the voice on the other end hangs up abruptly. Kyoko goes to work cleaning the floors of Room 3 when Mrs. Ichinose asks if they're getting a new arrival. When Kyoko tells her the news she becomes very excited and asks Godai to go to the store and buy some party supplies while she calls Akemi and gets the party set up. That night, it begins to rain, and the mysterious guests luggage arrives, but he never shows up. The next day a kind older-looking man shows up on the front porch and says that he is the new tenant, Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi. Everyone seems to take to him instantly, and that night during the party Kyoko notices that his yukata doesn't fit him right. Yotsuya jokingly asks if that's because his dead wife made it and he only wears it to remember her. When Mitsukoshi says yes, Yotsuya actuall

Mar. 11, 1987