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Maison Ikkoku Season 2 Episode 22

Godai's Confession! I Want You to Know How I Feel!!

Kyoko finds out that her mother has been very sick lately and is unable to take care of her father, prompting her to go home and help out for two or three days. Godai gets worried that it could be another plot to trick Kyoko into quitting at Maison Ikkoku, but Mrs. Ichinose reassures him that Kyoko is too smart for that. Godai doesn't think much of it for the next few days, but after the alotted time passes he begins to think something may have happened. Trying to shake off his feelings of worry, Godai takes Soichiro for a walk and meets Mr. Ichinose, who is on his way home from work. Being the kind man he is, Mr. Ichinose invites Godai to have dinner with him and the two begin talking. Ichinose instantly guesses that Godai was walking around, hoping to run into Kyoko. He mentions to Godai that he reminds him of himself when he was younger and proceeds to tell him about a woman he used to be infatuated with at his first job out of college. She was a ""jewel in a dunghill"" he says, and h

Feb. 25, 1987