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Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 6

Reunion with Fate

The jet-black-suited cyborg claims that he knows everything about Casshern, and that Casshern's built to destroy everything. He also reveals that he has the same power and strength as Casshern. A long time ago, robots desired to break away from the rule and control from human beings, and eventually one rose to become the leader of the robot empire: Braiking Boss. Currently, the robots believed that when Casshern dies, his body contains a secret that will stop the end of the world. He declares that he will be the new leader of the robots and change the world. When Casshern learns this, he is more than happy to be killed by the cyborg if it would really stop the ruin. As the cyborg rains attacks on Casshern, he eventually enters his berserk mode and fights back, regardless of his earlier intentions to die. However, the odds are turned yet again against Casshern when thee cyborg knocks him out of his berserk mode. When Casshern is finally cornered and the cyborg is about to finish him off, Lyuze appears and saves Casshern, injuring the cyborg. Another cyborg, a female, whisks the first away. Later, the black cyborg recuperates in his hideout, as the female cyborg calls him Dio. Later, Casshern recovers from his wounds while Ringo and Ohji watch over him. As they leave, Casshern asks Ohji how he became invincible. Ohji tells him that he may be cursed by Luna to be immortal, who's an immortal herself. Casshern resolves to learn more about Luna, and thus to learn more about himself.

Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 6
Nov. 05, 2008