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Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 16

For the Strength to Believe

Casshern and Lyuze find huge numbers of robot remains when approaching a valley. Inside, they discover that all the robots were heading to a strange circular megalith prior to their deaths. Climbing up, they witness an amazing spectacle; a garden of flowers grow atop the megalith which are seldom seen since the ruin. They also encounter Ringo and Ohji. Meanwhile, Dio faces a problem, when his reconnaisance group to seek out Luna's whereabouts is decimated by two mysterious robots. He organizes a group to search for the perpetrators, only to find Vulcan and Mars, who were considered Braiking Boss' best fighters next to the cyborgs. The pair are furious with Dio's rise in power and thus start targeting his army. Dio engages head on with Vulcan and Mars, but loses to their combined efforts. As he lays alone, injured and insulted, Braiking appears before him.

Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 16
Jan. 21, 2008