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Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 5

The Man Who Killed the Sun Named Moon

Lyuze appears before Casshern again, who proceeds to condemn him with Luna’s death. Luna was dubbed the "Source of Life" for this world. Long ago in the past, Lyuze’s sister Liza was tasked to protect Luna, but was slaughtered along with Luna by Casshern. Before dying, Liza tells her sister about Casshern and makes her promise to take revenge on him. Lyuze attacks Casshern, but his flesh is able to regenerate, thus rendering her attacks useless. Casshern almost kills Lyuze in his berserk mode, but manages to take control of himself and flees. Meanwhile, Ringo and Ohji trade usable parts to robots who are in need of them. A robot attacks and steals the parts from them. Casshern arrives to stop it, but again loses control and kills several unrelated robots. He only stops when he sees Ringo, who is still terrified of him. Before anyone can react, an unknown person appears before them.

Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 5
Oct. 29, 2008