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Maison Ikkoku Season 4 Episode 13

Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, it's over today?

Kyoko is in shock after seeing Kozue kiss Godai. Goida returns to Ikkoku-kan after his exams are over. Before he leaves, the manager of the cabaret warns him that he's not good enough to handle two women at the same time. Godai has no idea why Kyoko seems to be mad at him. Kozue calls to ask Godai out for lunch. There, he finds out that another man proposed to her, but she doesn't know what Godai's feelings are. He tells her that when he graduates, he wants to propose to a lady (Kyoko) but Kozue misinterprets this to be her and decides to turn the other guy down. He walks home stunned. He explains what happened to Kyoko after she brings up the kiss and realizes how stupid he was. Surprising Godai, she kisses him. Godai tries to figure out how to tell Kozue the truth, but before he could, she barges into a New year's Party and cries out that Godai proposed to him. Kyoko's furious, slaps him, and then tells Godai to move out. He refuses. Kyoko decides to move out.

Jan. 13, 1988